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Placing a license number on a car was thought to be a disfigurement - a lowbrow gesture which would reduce the appearance of the vehicle and make it look like a common taxi.However, as more and more automobiles filled the streets of America, it was clear that the automobilists were fighting a losing battle and their vehicles would soon be regulated, licensed, and tagged in spite of their objections.By the turn of the century, commercially manufactured vehicles were now available, but they remained a luxury item that few could afford.Bought by the adventurous gentry, automobiles were more for sport than transportation.Spencer was never tried for the 1983-84 crimes or for Hamm’s murder.The DNA left behind at the Hamm murder scene had degraded beyond usefulness, and he had received death sentences for the other murders.The infrastructure was not yet set up, roads remained unpaved, and industries set up to service and repair vehicles were in their infancy.

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Spencer had been signed out of the house when each of the murders occurred, and he had furlough to visit his mother in Arlington when Susan Tucker was killed.

“The fact is there was no other evidence directly linking Spencer to the scene besides the DNA,” Foster said.

“That’s what’s really so groundbreaking about this case.” Foster spoke with sources including homicide detectives, FBI profilers and friends and family of Spencer’s victims to outline a chilling tale of escalating criminal behavior, tragedy and the struggle for justice.

On a summer day in 1988, prosecutor Helen Fahey addressed an Arlington jury.

It was the sentencing phase in a six-day long capital murder trial.

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